Tiger High - "Myth Is This" Special Edition CD


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Tiger High “Myth Is This” (12 song CD) This is a Limited Edition Hand Assembled and Numbered CD that includes 4 tracks not featured on the cassette version of "Myth Is This" and limited edition Tiger High and Trashy Creatures Records stickers.

Tiger High features Jake and Toby Vest, Greg Faison, and former Reigning Sound drummer Greg Roberson.

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Limited Edition CD Track Listing.

1. Why Oh Why
2. Boys at the Bottom
3. Myth Is This
4. Losing Out
5. Up & Down Again
6. Carry My Love
7. Vipers
8. Always Mine
9. Don't Wanna See You Till You Go (Only Available on CD)
10. Fire (Only Available on CD)
11. Riding the Wave (Only Available on CD)
12. Hot Black Honda (Only Available on CD)