Trashy Creatures Records CD Bundle #1

Trashy Creatures Records CD Bundle #1


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Tiger High - "Myth Is This" CD & The Trashed Romeos "Where Dreamers Never Go" CD ($20 plus postage) (you save $4)

Tiger High “Myth Is This” CD This is a Limited Edition Hand Assembled and Numbered CD that includes 4 tracks not featured on the cassette version of "Myth Is This" and limited edition Tiger High and Trashy Creatures Records stickers.

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The Trashed Romeos feature former members of Reigning Sound, Arthur Lee's Love, & Cat Power. Plus current members of Tiger High & Lucero. This record features one of the last recorded performances by legendary producer and session man, Jim Dickinson (Bob Dylan, The Replacements, The Rolling Stones, and Big Star)

“Where Dreamers Never Go”, is a 14 song cover record of obscure Memphis garage rock nuggets. Six of the 14 tracks were written by Jim Dickinson in the mid sixties. Two of those six numbers had never been recorded by anyone, only demoed by Dickinson in 1966. The albums closing number and title track,“Where Dreamers Never Go”, is the only to feature Dickinson. This acoustic reading of the tune was recorded during one of the songwriting sessions for the bands unreleased album of original material.

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