The Trashed Romeos - "Where Dreamers Never Go" Bundle

The trashed romeos - "where dreamers never go" bundle


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The Trashed Romeos - "Where Dreamers Never Go" CD & Cassette ($15 plus postage) (You save $3)

1. Gotta Find a New Love
2. Halfway Down the Stairs
3. Be Good While I'm Gone
4. The Grass is Never Greener
5. Hold it Baby
6. Leaning On To You
7. (You Can't Blow Smoke Rings)
8. My Way of Thinking
9. If You Want Me You Can Find Me
10. I Sit and Cry
11. Crying All Over My Time
12. Uptight Tonight
13. Nightime
14. Where Dreamers Never Go

The Trashed Romeos feature former members of Reigning Sound, Arthur Lee's Love, & Cat Power. Plus current members of Tiger High & Lucero. This record features one of the last recorded performances by legendary producer and session man, Jim Dickinson (Bob Dylan, The Replacements, The Rolling Stones, and Big Star)

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